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Use Amazon Coupons to get High-Quality traffic to your Amazon Listing, Get in exchange Social Media Reviews, Keyword Ranking, Blog posts, and more... Increase your Amazon sales already today!

As a seller, you know that Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR) is vital to your store.
Amazon BSR is the way Amazon Rank your item In relation to other sellers from the same category and in General. The Item who Ranked #1 in the category considered to be the BEST SELLER and Can get the long-awaited badge which can boost the amount of sales dramatically. By having high BSR and stable sales, The product can be promoted to the first pages and stay there as long as your sales continue.


Once you upload a promotion to our Deals Zone, You expose your item to more than 20,000 Global shoppers and bloggers that can ask for a coupon and you can choose which one of them will get it. Each member has its own Rank Booster Profile including information about him and where he can promote your item. The requirements are purchasing within 24 hours, Social media shares and Blog Reviews.


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Doris C. Mor:
"Since I'm Using Rank-Booster all of my items are on the first pages in their categories and the hottest keywords, I'm promoting my products on a weekly basis to keep them high as possible in the search results"

Do you want to see your items on the first pages on Amazon, get more organic sales and increase your ranking on Amazon? Now you can!

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Keyword Promotions

Each Promotion can contain a keyword to be exposed to the shopper when he gets the code. From our statistics, at least 80% of the purchases are made with keywords.

Internal Ranking

Each shopper and blogger has its own internal ranking, choose easily verified shoppers to purchase your product and share their opinion on social media.

Unlimited Coupons & ASINs

Send Unlimited Amazon Coupons for Unlimited ASINs, with no obligation and no extra fees. Starting with 30% up to 100% off Promo Coupon Codes.

Seller’s Offers

Choose from hundreds of bloggers based on their internal ranking, platforms they use to review on and more, You can offer a coupon to anyone who has Rank Booster Profile.

8 Marketplaces

Send coupons to 8 different Marketplaces, supports US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan.

Sales Controler

Choose your strategy, our shoppers obligated to purchase within 24-48 hours, and if not, the code will go back to you. Get notified when they add order ID, report broken coupon or review.


People     Rank Booster

  • "I'm using Rank Booster since day one, I'm promoting my products on a weekly basis and it's the most comfortable platform to manage all of my coupons. I can send as many coupons as I want and at any time, a great way to control my Amazon sales."

    Yair Yerushalmy
    Amazon Seller
  • "I love using Rank Booster since there are so many features of the promotions - I can create keywords promotions, I can offer my codes to the best bloggers with no extra fees, and sometimes I use it only for deals with 30% off discounts."

    Tony Xiao
    Amazon Seller
  • "Since I'm using Rank Booster my brand is much stronger, on Amazon and on social media. My Brand’s hashtag is all over the internet, I get a lot of traffic from the social media reviews and it's also helped me to get Amazon reviews."

    Marc Alexander
    Amazon Seller
  • "I'm using Rank Booster to send Amazon coupons and create promotions. It's a great deals website and I can control the amount of discount I give for each shopper. I started when I launched my product and since then I'm using it for all of my products."

    Neil Young
    Amazon Seller
  • "Rank Booster is great for my needs because there is no limit for products, I'm promoting my store with more than 50 products with the same price, while every other website charges per product, here I can feel free to promote my items."

    Yorn Vald
    Amazon Seller
  • "I love that I have my own profile, that shows all of my promotions, my Facebook page, and my website, I got many followers and traffic to my website since I’ve started using Rank Booster, Thank you!"

    Harun Kumar
    Amazon Seller
  • Does it stands with Amazon’s TOS?

    Absolutely, Amazon allows you to send coupons up to 99% OFF for and up to 100% off for Europe Countries and Japan. In order to stand with Amazon’s TOS we do not require Amazon reviews, Only social media reviews/blog posts, that you can see on the blogger’s Rank Booster profiles.

  • How many amazon coupons can I send every day?

    There is no limit, but we recommend not the send a massive amount of coupons at the same time so it will not consider to be a manipulation of Amazon's algorithm

  • What includes in the free trial?

    The free trial includes 5 days, Promotions for 3 different items. You can set up follow up emails with no limit.

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