What is Rank-Booster all about?
After the new T.O.S of amazon regarding reviews,
We found another way to help Amazon Sellers to promote their products on amazon,
In exchange for a discount coupon code.

Here you get into the picture.
The sellers will post promotions, 30%-99% off,
And you will have the option to ask for a coupon.
Now, Because we do not require any Amazon Review,
Shopper will be chosen based on their Social media Platforms, 
And not based on their Amazon profile Rank.
So, How can you get more approvals?

1. Add your promotion platforms. 
Edit your Profile, Add links to your profile,
So the seller will be able to see how much influence you have on Social Media.
Here is our Profile for example:

2. Say a word about yourself.
The sellers want to know you, what is your favorite categories, and what is your review offer.
Write a few words about yourself, It will Increase your approvals dramitically.
For example:
"Hey, Im John.
I love Baby Dragons and Home Accessories!
If you have one of them, I would love to review them!
Choose me, and I will review your product on social media, 
I have Xk followers, and Im making also great video reviews.

3. Social Media Shares.
Share Product links on your Social Media as Facebook and Twitter,
Every Promotion page have a SHARE button.
Add the Hashtags:
#(Brand Name)

4. Social Media Reviews
Share reviews in your social media platforms:
At least 50 Words.
4-5 Photos or video of the product.
Including Product link.
Add the Hashtags:
#(Brand Name)

5. Wish list.
Add the products you desire to your wish list,
It will help a lot to the seller, and maybe your wish will come true.

6. YouTube Channel.
In order to get 90%-99% off discounts, 
Social media reviews or high rank on amazon is not enough.
YouTube Channel with video reviews will increase your approvals, 
and probably you will wait less time then the others to get a coupon code.

So, what are you waiting for?