How to create promotion on

LOGIN to your account, If you don't have an account create one HERE, Its fast and easy.


Choose the Amazon marketplace you want to post to USA, UK, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, JAPAN, BRAZIL, MEXICO, CANADA.
Enter the product ASIN (you can find it in the Amazon product link):
Click on FIND ME!

The website will import your product details from Amazon, click continue.
Set the date of your promotion, when he will be live, and when to deactivate him.
The default is 1 month.

Choose the discount % for your promotion - the recommendation is at least 75% off to get as many requests as possible.

Copy your coupons: one per line then Click PUBLISH.

That's it! Your promotion is ready! You can find the promotion under MY PROMOTIONS.

Now what? You will get a Coupon Requests from amazon bloggers.
You will get an email with the request and also a notification on your rank-booster profile.

Click on the + sign to open the request and check who asked for a coupon:

You can check the rank profile of the shopper before you choose to approve or reject the coupon.
The profile includes the Amazon profile of the shopper, the social media and blog platforms that he's using to review,
and other information he adds about himself.

Once you approve the coupon, the Blogger notify by mail and on his Rank-Booster profile that he approved.
you made a sale, your rank will increase and the chance to get more sales is going up!

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