Sqadualed Emails for Amazon Sellers

The Follow Up Booster

Automate your Amazon's Follow up Emails And get Up to x8 more Amazon's VP Reviews! Send Instructions, Ebooks and Ask for honest opinion from all of your Amaozn's buyers!

As a seller, you know that Amazon product reviews are vital to your store.
Amazon reviews are word-of-mouth testimonials, which is the most powerful form of marketing, from buyers that actually bought and used your item. Your buyers hold un ultimate power to increase your sales. Having a competitive number of positive reviews is crucial to driving sales. Why would you not focus on driving as many organic reviews as you can?


When an Amazon customer purchases one of your products they will receive a series of an optimized message from your company straight to the email address that’s linked to their Amazon account. For example, engage with your customers by sending them answers to FAQ, explain more about the product, ask for feedback or encourage them to write a review or get in contact with you if they have a problem.

You can send an email telling your customer that their product has shipped with the order information, send an email a few days later asking them if there were any issues or questions, then maybe send them another one later asking for feedback & review. It's up to you how you set it up, but we have a few templates and guides how to write the best follow-up email, using our autoresponder for amazon sellers.


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Evgeny Sokolov:
"I’ve tried 2 different Amazon email senders before but now I am sticking with Rank Booster.  It may not have all the functions of others but at the cheapest price, plus the user interface is one of the easiest that I ever used"

Do you want to send automated emails to Amazon customers, get more Amazon reviews and increase your ranking on Amazon? Now you can!

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Automated Email Responder

100% Hands-off - automate amazon emails to provide an exceptional customer experience. Ask every customer how their buying experience was and get the ratings you need to be at the top. ask for Seller Feedback & Product Reviews.

More Sales & Repeat Customers

You can turn one-time buyers into excited fans who leave you 5-star reviews gushing about your amazing customer service and come back to buy again and again, Your glowing, detailed reviews will turn more shoppers into loyal buyers.

Custom Links To Amazon

Custom links that send buyers straight to Amazon's product review section, Feedback, Contact and more, With your product appearing at the top. Use these links to product images, product titles, buttons, etc..

Scheduled Email delivery

Automate delivery times by setting the trigger to start scheduling after an order reaches a certain status: confirmed, shipped, or delivered. Schedule automated emails to your buyers by choosing how many days to wait after the order has been confirmed, shipped or delivered.

International Marketplaces - One account

Message your customers in nine countries. We support USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan. You can also send specific templates to only a certain country or combination of countries; very useful for sending language translated emails.

100% Compliant

Our Follow-Up Booster makes it easy to send Amazon customers automated emails. Think of it like your Amazon’s Personal email assistant – it messages your customers so you don’t need to do it by yourself.  And don’t worry our email autoresponder is 100% Amazon compliant, allowing emails to be sent with confidence.

Increase Feedback and Reviews by up to x8

Start Collecting x8 More Feedback, Reviews, Rankings, And Sales With Our Plug-N-Play Customer Engagement Engine. Email sequences run in the background, You’ll never have to worry about product reviews again, requiring no additional work on your end to increase your product's organic reviews. increase the amount of genuine positive reviews by up to 8x!

Easy to Setup - Amazon integration

Our Follow-up Booster is designed to be simple as possible and it starts with an effortless setup process, Getting started takes less than 3 minutes. Seamless integration with Amazon's API's and Seller-Buyer Messaging system. The Follow-Up Booster Connects into your Amazon business, working for you 24/7, Sending your customers friendly, helpful emails at exactly the right time to get the best results.

Increase customer satisfaction

Best Sellers know that the secret of getting 5 stars reviews and feedbacks is giving the best customer service as possible. You get more reviews and better reviews when the customer is satisfied. With the follow-up booster your customers will adore your service, and best of all, it’s 100% automated and hands off for you.


People     Rank Booster

  • "Rank Booster has been a huge benefit to automate my follow-up emails. I have seen a great increase in product reviews since I started emailing customers, and this has translated to higher rankings as well"

    Summer Chen
    Amazon Seller
  • "Rank Booster is exactly what my business needed! The best money I've ever spent when it comes to selling on Amazon. For just 25 dollars a month, I got all of my buyer's communications automated with personable messages to customize each customer's purchasing experience"

    Amir El-Nor
    Amazon Seller
  • "Our business has grown enormously because of Rank Booster. I couldn’t understand why we weren’t seeing the results that other businesses were seeing, and it felt like I was working non-stop trying to collect happy feedback and reviews, but with no results. With such an easy setup, I was up in 3 minutes and sending emails and instructions to my customers. I would highly recommend Rank Booster as a great software for any Amazon seller wanting to increase product reviews"

    Sahar Ohayon
    Amazon Seller
  • "Using Rank Booster is like having my own VA emailing my customers on a daily basis. The Automatic email sender has helped to increase my Amazon businesses feedback and reviews, which helps to generate more sales and increase my Rank. This is a must-have tool for any serious Private Label Seller"

    Chris Gold
    Amazon Seller
  • "This literally saved my store, since I have been using Rank Booster my review rate has extremely increased. I have gathered organic reviews within weeks which previously took me months and months to gather"

    Mike Toros
    Amazon Seller
  • Is this standing with Amazon’s Terms of Service?

    Absolutely! Amazon’s terms of service allow you to send up to 4 emails to each of your buyers. The founding principal of Rank Booster is that everything follows Amazon’s policies. As long as you lead with a customer support angle, follow their content guidelines and don't try to take them off Amazon. Rank Booster sends your emails through Amazon’s own servers using their secure API so it is just like you were following up with them manually in Seller Central. The most important sentence on their TOS guidelines is:  “You may request feedback from a buyer, however, you may not pay or offer an incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.” Amazon scanning your emails so make sure to follow their guideline as much as possible.


  • What Amazon marketplaces does Rank Booster support?

    We support nine marketplaces: Amazon.com, .ca, .mx, .uk, .de, .fr, .it, .es and .jp.


  • Can Rank Booster message users about things other than feedback or review?

    Sure! you to completely customize the content of the messages sent to buyers - as long as it follows Amazon's selling rules. You can use Rank Booster for reinforcing your brand by displaying Your name and logo to your shoppers several times. Moreover, you can use the ability to let the buyer know their product is out for delivery and to make sure it arrives. Some sellers like using Rank Booster for sending customers the instructional content. You are able to include everything from a buyer’s name to their tracking information. At its core, you can change and do anything that you like and stands with Amazon’s TOS.


  • How many messages can I create?

    We allow you to create as many messages as you want. Your messages can be for specific products, the maximum Amazon’s allow to send is four messages for each customer regarding one order.


  • Can I ask for product reviews in my message?

    This is exactly why we created the follow-up booster! Although Rank Booster was originally created to get reviews with codes, since the new Amazon’s new TOS regarding reviews, it has since evolved into supporting product review requests using our automatic email sender.


  • What name will buyers see when they receive my message?

    All messages sent through Amazon's Buyer-Seller messaging system that included in seller central. The messages originate from Rank Booster and are sent to Amazon's email system using the unique email address that you see for the buyers ([email protected]). Amazon's system will then put your seller name and a similar cryptic-looking email address in the “from” address and send that to the buyer. The messages sent through Rank Booster will always have your Amazon selling name when the buyer gets it.


  • Does it have the ability to send messages only to customers who purchased a specific product?

    Yes, You can create a different Email Campaign for each ASIN.


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