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Sisfung Essential Oil Diffuser,Ultra Quiet Aromatherapy Diffuser With Humidifier Air Purifier and Work Up 20h --Wood Grain Diffuser 300mL
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Technology: Sisfung 300ML new special Aromatherapy Diffuser with wood-grain create plenty of cold fog by advanced ultrasonic technology.
Features:1 Aromatherapy and humidification. 2 Purifying air and exudes the aroma of essential oils. 3 Effectively remove formaldehyde CO bateria and related hazardous substance.
Function: 7 colors change, mist volume, waterless auto-off, timing.
Application: our Essential Oil Diffuser/Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier can be used in bedroom, office, study room, yoga class, meeting room etc.
Other : 300ml ,Material PP ABS ,Working Time Up16H.