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Multimeter, Exwell Digital LCD Multimeter with Two sets Multimeter test leads, Black Protective case included
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• WIDE RANGE OF TESTS: The Multi Tester allows for various electrical tests such as for Resistance, Diodes, Transistors, Capacitance and Continuity, DC/AC Voltage and Current Tests with a simple switch between the various tests available.
• DIGITAL BACKLIT LED SCREEN: The 3.5-inch screen with an optional backlit has a range of 1999-digit readout for electrical measurements.
• CONVINIENT INDICATORS: The Multi-Tester indicates Polarity, Over Range, Low Battery, Sampling Rate and an automatic zero return.
• DURABLE FOR WIDE APPLICATION: The design of the Multi-Tester is built to withstand between 0 to 40℃, temperatures between -10℃ to 50℃, Max voltage between terminals and earth ground of 1000VDC/700 VAC, Fuse Protection of F 200mA/250V.
• HIGH ACCURACY AND A WIDE RANGE: The Multi Tester has a low error margin for all tests with further specifications in the manual but covers a wide range and resolution for each test which guarantees coverage for use in numerous electrical outputs.