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MeMe Wine Aerator Pourer Spout and Stainless Steel Bottle Cooler Stick Wine Chiller Stick Set
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1. Aerate and chilling your wine instantly - MeMe Wine Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system which utilizes the Bernoulli Effect to infuse your wine with the OPTIMAL amount of oxygen; There is no need to wait for 30 minutes for your wine to breathe like with a traditional decanter.
2. Easy to use and clean - Simply store the rod in the freezer for about one hour. After pouring a little wine out of bottle, insert wine chiller into bottle and enjoy perfectly chilled wine for up to two hours. For cleaning, just rinse chill rod and pourer with warm water after each use. Sleek design to fit all bottle sizes.
3. Made with safe materials - 100% non-toxic, highest quality FDA and LFGB certified food grade materials will never change the flavor of your wine and ensure the pure aroma.
4. Elegant design perfect for luxury gifts - Its elegant design will add a level of refinement to your wine drinking experience and is the perfect gift for wine lovers.
5. Specifications - Pruduct itself: Length of 32CM; Weight of 100g; Packing Size:21*9*4.5CM; Weight of 200g.