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Handmade Cigarette Holder in Meerschaum -Portable Short Smokeless Smoking Pipe-Personalized Special Edition-3.9 inches Mouthpiece
SOLD BY: MerryHub


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✔️ MEERSCHAUM : The meerschaum occurs as veins and cavity fillings in highly deformed carbonate and mineral rocks that only mining in Kenya . Beside of this characteristic feature it absorbes nicotine rate more than 78%.It is proved that it decreases stress and negative energy.
✔️ ORIGINAL UNIQUE HANDMADE ACCESSORIES CIGARETTE HOLDER: Our handmade cigarette holder is carved out of high-quality meerschaum with a long-lasting, dark black grain finish that will last a long time with proper care.Every meerschaum cigarette holder is handmade, which means you'll be smoking from a piece of handcrafted art each time you have a smoke. That's something other makers just can't offer.
✔️SHORT AND PORTABLE SIZE:0.39- 0.15 inches fully extended. Unlike all the cheap plastic props on the market, our Cigarette Holders are made of High Quality Eco-friendly Meerschaum That is 100% Recyclable.
✔️A WONDERFUL PORTABLE GIFT: Cigarette holders have been around eternal and make an essential addition for cigarette lovers. All natural, eco-friendly, and unique handmade, there isn't a more useful, good-looking gift for a smoker than MerryHubs's cigarette holders.
✔️ LONG TERM USING: In long term using, it becomes wood color and absorbes nicotine rate increase 78% to 83%. So it makes it more valuable and unique.