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Ewarmer 2200mAh Powerbank for Bluetooth Earbuds (2PCS 2200mah/pcs = 4400mah), Portable Charger with USB Output, Portable Power Bank ,Battery Charger for iPhone 7/7 plus/6s/6s plus/ Samsung
SOLD BY: Zoweetek


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Mini Pocket Charger for Bluetooth headphones: Only 66g, designed for Bluetooth Earbuds, it can charge your earbuds for more than 13 times, portable enough when wearing Bluetooth headset on the long journey!
Too Big And heavy? No, 66g only. It is just about as small as two middle fingers! Easily to put it to your shirt pocket, pants pocket, small wallet, small bag and it will not take up space. How Lightweight it is!
WoW! Decompression Shape Design: special shape designed and humanized size, which makes it as a toys to relieve and release stress.Now, Hold it in the middle of your hand and let go of your stress! (Narrow in the middle, wide on both sides, rounded arc)
Can I use It Any Time Any Where? Yes, take it! Take it to charge your earbuds/noise Cancelling Headphones/electric toothbrush/Razor, Take it to Relieve pressure and relax yourself; Take it Whether at home or outside; Take it Whether short or long distance; Take it Whether it is in a small pocket or a small wallet!
Can I order Now? Sure, Quickly order it to experience its wonderful Immediately!