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Commercial Microfiber Floor Mop 18" - Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner with Aluminum Plate & 3 Durable Cloths for Dust Dirt & Animal Hair - Adjustable 360 Swivel Head & Extendable Foam Handle
SOLD BY: Mad Hat


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PROFESSIONAL QUALITY MICROFIBER MOP SYSTEM - By making use of the highest quality materials, we make sure that you get a 100% durable and long-lasting professional hardwood floor mop. The aluminum alloy base plate and handle is sturdy and dependable, while the microfiber dust mop pads are densely packed to ensure that they clean effectively.
MULTI-PURPOSE ALUMINIUM MICROFIBER MOP - This microfiber mop kit includes premium microfiber mop pads. Each one has a different color and can be used in different scenarios. The white pad can be used for wet cleaning of stubborn dirt, the absorbent blue pad can be used for both wet and dry cleaning, and the green pad is specially designed to pick-up hair.
360 SWIVEL HEAD AND EXTENDABLE HANDLE - Cleaning is made easier with the flat design and the 360 swivel handle of this hardwood floor map. Corners and areas under tables, chairs or other furniture can easily be reached. The handle of this microfiber mop set is also extendable making it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. Aside from the floor, it can also be used to clean the ceiling, walls, or cars.
REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN MOP PADS - The removable mop heads of our premium microfiber mop can be easily secured and removed from the aluminum base plate. These interchangeable pads can be reused over and over again. You just have to clean it by manually washing it or by using a washing machine. It retains its good quality even after multiple washes.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND EFFECTIVE MICROFIBER FLOOR CLEANER - One of the best things about our microfiber mop is that it is light weight, making it easier and faster for you to transport from room to room as you clean. You also don't need to bring a bucket filled with water and detergent because using our microfiber dust mop on its own can effectively clean your home, office, or car.