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CleanDell Foam Roller,Massage Roller Set-Yoga Strap,Massage Ball,Stretch Band,Muscle Tape+ Yoga Roller Carry Bag - Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy Accessory Set
SOLD BY: CleanDell


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FIVE PIECES SUIT: The yoga foam roller kits come with latex pull towel, muscle stick, massage ball, telescopic belt, yoga column.
→YOGO FOAM ROLLER : The rollers are made of elastic foam and are equipped with special protrusions that produce a massage-like effect similar to that of a physiotherapist.The roller's complete impermeability and smoothness ensure it prevents dirt and bacteria.
→MASSAGE BALLS: Roll the ball around the area of the body in need of a massage - increase the pressure you apply for a great deep tissue massage. Perfect for an all over body massage, use before and after a workout and for reflexology. Easy to clean and store; these lightweight balls are ideal to pop into your bag for use whilst out and about. resistance band
→DURABLE COTTON EXERCISE STRAPS: When you need help with stretching or positioning this is an ideal help. It helps you to expand your range and achieve more challenging yoga positions. Metal D-ring buckles is anti-slip and easy to adjust, Soft and sturdy cotton material won't lose its shape or break, it doesn't dig into your hands or feet. It's so easy to adjust length as muscles release and the posture opens. You can make a loop that is secure, provide all the necessary support to keep balance
→RESISTANCE BAND & KINESIOLOGY TAPE : The fitness resistant bands are perfect for increasing your strength, mobility and flexibility which is suitable for use in therapy (as a therapy band), at home, as well as for fitness, bodybuilding, ballet and all kinds of sports.This Kinesiology Tape is a type of thin, elastic cotton tape that can be stretched 30-40% in the longitudinal direction. It is a latex free material with acrylic adhesive, which is heat activated. The cotton fibers allow for evapor

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