• What is the Follow up Booster?

    With the Follow up Booster you have the option to contact your amazon costumers.
    Ask for seller feedback, review your product and send your ebook if you have one.
    Statistically, we can see that with the Follow Up Booster you get 25% more Organic Reviews.

    Click HERE and check our FULL guide how to activate your Follow Up Booster.
    The follow-up booster is only for amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.com.mx

  • How can I post on Rank-Booster.com facebook group?

    Are you a member of our group? Great!
    If you dont, Please ask to join HERE.
    Then, after you post your promotion in Rank-Booster.com platform, all you left to do is to share it to the Rank-Booster.com Group.
    (Share → Share in a Group → Choose “Rank-Booster.com” → If its from our platform we will approve the post)

  • How long it takes to get review for my product?

    Well, that depands on your sales.
    Our statistics shows that with the Follow Up Booster its 500% more organic reviews.

    Click HERE and check our FULL guide how to activate your Follow Up Booster.

  • How much coupons can I send every day?

    Rank-Booster.com Is A GREAT platform to control your sales.
    However, Its not reccomended to send more than 7 coupon Codes each day to buyers.
    Sales manipulations are not accepted by Amazon, Use this tool smartly.

  • What is the price for Unlimited products account?

    The price for Unlimited Promotions and Unlimited Follow Up Boosters is Only 19.99$/Month
    The price May be change - with a Notice from us.
    Are you an Amazon Shopper? The service is 100% free!

  • How to Creat "one-time use" coupon Codes?

    If its your first time selling products at Amazon.com, Im sure you was shocked when you see all the options.
    But don't worry! we made a special guide for you, step by step, how to get "one-time use" coupons!
    Click HERE to get the guide.

  • How to get more approvals?

    Asking for a coupon and always rejected?
    Click HERE and check our guide how to optimize your Rank-Booster profile and get more approvals!


  • How can I post my promotions on rank-booster?

    Very simple, to create promotion on rank-booster.com you need to login to your account and fo the the NEW PROMOTION section. You can use the full guide HERE.