• What is Rank-Booster?

    Rank-Booster is a platform that helps Amazon Sellers to promote their products, using Coupon code promotions and Follow up booster - an automatic email sender. More than 10,000 registered shoppers who required to share the products they buy on their social media.

  • How long does it takes to get review for my product?

    That depands on your sales.
    Our statistics shows that with the Follow Up Booster its X5 more organic reviews.

    Check our FULL guide how to activate your Follow Up Booster - and send automatic emails to your customers, ask for reviews and seller feedback.


  • How can I keep my inventory safe?

    Recently, Amazon Changed their promo codes creation options. Now they allow only % OFF coupon codes to be created on your Seller Central. It seems to be a small change but actually its very critical, Now that you only have the %OFF option, Shopper can order unlimited units of your product with 1 coupon code, even if its single-use-coupon. we have created a guide to help you to pass this obsticle and ensure your inventory is not in risk with a very simple way -  follow the limit max order quantity guide

  • What is the Follow up Booster?

    The Follow-Up Booster created to give you the option to send automatic emails to all of your buyers on amazon. you can ask for a feedback, honest review, or just say thank you. our statistics showing that the once you activate your follow up booster, you get 500% more reviews. at the moment, the Follow-Up Booster work with amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.com.mx. Soon EU sellers will be able to use the Follow-Up Booster and increase their organic reviews.


  • How to get more coupon requests?

    Once you upload your promotion you already get massive exposure. In order to maximize the potential and expose is to more people, the first tip is to increase the discount, the recommended discount is at least 75% off. you can also use our Facebook Groups and post your promotions.

    Facebook Groups

  • How to Create "one-time use" coupon Codes?

    If its your first time selling products at Amazon.com, Im sure you was shocked when you see all the options.
    But don't worry! we made a special guide for you, step by step, how to get "one-time use" coupons!
    Click HERE to get the guide.

  • How many Amazon Coupon Codes can I send every day?

    The Code Distribution Tool is UNLIMITED and you can manage all of your Coupon Codes from one place. The recommendation is about 5-10 Every day once you make a promotion.
    *IMPORTANT NOTE* - Make sure you check the Shopper Profile before you approve the coupon code.

  • How can I post my promotions on rank-booster?

    Very simple, to create promotion on rank-booster.com you need to login to your account and click on the NEW PROMOTION tab. You can use the full guide HERE.

  • Everyone who get my coupon will purchase my product?

    There is a claim % of 70%-80% of the coupons the seller send, when the discount is above 75% off.

    Shipping costs, low discounts and high price can lower the purchases percentage.

  • Does Rank Booster stand with Amazon's TOS?

    Absolutely. In order to stand with Amazon's T.O.S, we have removed the Amazon review requests and made the required Changes. Our requirements are social media reviews/blog posts, and our follow up email service stand with 100% Amazon's Requirements.